Friday, November 25, 2011

AudioFile Magazine - Orlagh One Of Best Voices Of 2011

Orlagh was chosen one of Best Voices of 2011 by AudioFile Magazine The Year In Audiobooks 2011 in Mystery & Suspense for her outstanding narration of Before I Go To Sleep by author S. J. Watson published by Harper Audio.

"Orlagh Cassidy is perfectly cast and gives a performance that listeners won't forget."

~ AudioFile Magazine ~

Congratulations and best wishes go out to Orlagh. A nominated recognition truly deserved for her extraordinary art and talent.

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Orlaghs Narration Before I Go To Sleep Best Audiobooks Of 2011

AudioFile Magazine The Year In Audiobooks 2011 selected Orlaghs narration of Before I Go To Sleep by author S. J. Watson published by Harper Audio one of Best Audiobooks of 2011 - Mystery & Suspense.

"This novel will haunt listeners, and Cassidy's narration is top-notch."

~ AudioFile Magazine ~

All the best to Orlagh on her outstanding five star narration.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Orlaghs Performance In Dancing At Lughnasa Music To The Ears

The Epoch Times gives a star studded review of Orlaghs performance as Kate in Dancing At Lughnasa currently at The Irish Repertory Theatre in New York City. Brian Friel's 20th Anniversary Production is under the artistic direction of Charlotte Moore. Performances are scheduled to run through January 29, 2012.

"Casting is excellent, with all of the individuals working together as a wonderfully functioning whole. It’s this interplay that makes the work truly an ensemble piece.

Standouts include Cassidy, striking just the right notes as the ramrod-straight Kate; and Moloney, who is quietly poignant as Rose—a woman with a charming innocence about her and perhaps somewhat ignorant of the outside world."

~ The Epoch Times ~

More on this fabulous review can be found at:

The Epoch Times

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to Orlagh, family, friends, fans, and followers!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Audiobook Review - Orlaghs Narration Before I Go To Sleep

Words And Peace book blog did a fabulous review of Orlaghs audiobook narration of Before I Go To Sleep by author S. J. Watson published by Harper Audio.

"As usual, Orlagh Cassidy had the perfect tones of voice to translate Christine’s pain as she struggles to recover her past, and to have you suspended waiting for the truth to get revealed."

~ Words And Peace ~

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Orlagh Continues to Captivate Audiences In Dancing At Lughnasa

Praise and glowing reviews continue to shower Orlagh as she captivates audiences with her role as Kate in The Irish Repertory Theatres' 20th Anniversary Production of Brian Friel's Tony Award Winning Dancing At Lughnasa.

"Orlagh Cassidy (playing Kate Mundy) stood out from the group as a particularly brilliant performer. Cassidy brought humor and life to what is, on script, a stiff, unyielding, impersonal character. Cassidy manages to maintain this religious strictness yet gives Kate a certain comedic quality that is endearing. Through Cassidy, Kate becomes the glue that holds the Mundy family together and a favorite of the audience."

~ Mary LeSage, Fordham University ~

"Kate (the magnificent Orlagh Cassidy) is the toughest aunt of the bunch, always worried what the neighbors will think. Of course, the family did take a hit when Christina (the poignant Annabel Hagg) had Michael out of wedlock. So Kate’s not taking any chances from now on. Thus, when her four sisters desperately want to attend the annual harvest dance which they haven’t been to in years, Kate does everything but sing “And I am telling you, we are not going.” Later, however, Maggie (the earthy Jo Kinsella) turns on the radio, is moved by what she hears and begins dancing. One by one, the sisters exuberantly join her, although Kate just watches – until she can no longer help herself. What’s good and astonishing is how marvelously Kate dances. Our hearts break because she’s easily the best of the bunch, and now we know that she’s been denying herself something that obviously brings her a lot of pleasure. Does Orlagh Cassidy have formal Irish dance training? She couldn’t have picked this up after just a few weeks’ rehearsals, could she have?"

~ Peter Filichia, Filichia On Friday ~

"As Kate, the eldest sister and the local schoolteacher, Orlagh Cassidy mines the humor and the anxiety of her character to anchor the production on her slender but surprisingly strong shoulders. Cassidy is variously the ringmaster, the recorder and the most eloquent witness to the events that unfold around her, and her performance is one of the joys of this production."

~ Cahir O'Doherty, Irish Voice ~

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Orlagh Attended Indie Web Series Empires Got Talent Night

Orlagh attended and performed at indie web soap Empire The Series Empires Got Talent night on Monday, November 7th, 2011. The event was held at The Kraine Theater in Manhattan, New York.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wall Street Journal Sings Praise For Orlagh As Kate In Dancing At Lughnasa

Orlagh receives high praise from The Wall Street Journal in their rave review of the 20th Anniversary production of the Tony Award winning Dancing At Lughnasa by Brian Friel directed by Charlotte Moore at The Irish Repertory Theatre in New York City.

"The small world of Ballybeg fits neatly onto the Irish Rep's teabag-size stage, and Ms. Moore's cast, well led by Orlagh Cassidy and featuring an especially striking performance by Aedín Moloney, is so evenly matched that you might almost think the actors were blood relatives."

~ The Wall Street Journal ~

Be sure to check out their complete review at:

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New York Times Gives High Praise To Orlagh In Dancing At Lughnasa

High praise continues to pour in for Orlagh in her performance as Kate in The Irish Repertory Theatres' 20th Anniversary Production of Brian Friels Tony Award winning Dancing At Lughnasa.

"Five accomplished actresses bring vibrant life to the unmarriageable Mundy sisters"

~ New York Times ~

New York Times

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rave Reviews - Orlaghs Performance As Kate In Dancing At Lughnasa

Orlagh scores rave reviews for her outstanding performance as Kate in the 20th Anniversary Production of Brian Friel's Tony Award winning Dancing At Lughnasa at The Irish Repertory Theatre in Manhattan, NYC.

"The oldest of the sisters, Kate, is played with indomitable energy by Orlagh Cassidy, who manages to convey, with great humor, a character for whom humor does not come naturally."

~ Theatermania ~

"At the center of the show are two exceptional performances, from Orlagh Cassidy, who plays schoolteacher Kate, the eldest of the sisters, and Aedín Moloney, who plays the mentally challenged Rose, the next-to-youngest of the women. Cassidy captures all of Kate's persnickety and demanding ways, which can cause her siblings to bristle, even as she reveals the warmth and tenderness that lie underneath the character's stern exterior, particularly in scenes with sister Maggie (the jocular Jo Kinsella)."

~ Back Stage ~

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