Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Orlagh - The Meaning Behind The Name

There are different spellings to the enchanting name Orlagh but many people do not know the origin or the meaning behind it. Orlagh (and its variations Orla, Orlaith, and Orrla) is of Irish/Celtic/Gaelic origin meaning Golden Princess, Golden Queen, Golden Lady, or Golden Woman.

In Chinese the variation Orla means Golden Goddess, Beautiful Woman, Woman of Gold, or One Of True Beauty.

The name Orlagh is also seen in the fantasy & folklore world.
Here is a picture of Orlagh the Mystical Golden Princess Faerie.

This is a picture of Orla the Seelie Court Fairy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orlagh & Princess Grace Kelly Have Connections

Orlagh and Princess Grace Kelly share some interesting tidbits that some of you may not know. Yes these two wonderful ladies do have a few connections.

In 1989, Orlagh received the Princess Grace Foundation Scholarship award for theater. Both the award and foundation were named after actress Grace Kelly who later became the renowned Princess of Monaco.

Orlagh attended the 2009 Princess Grace Foundation Benefit Cocktail and is shown here with the chairman of the foundation and several other award winners.

In the February 16, 2007 episode of the daytime soap opera Guiding Light, where Orlagh is best known for her 11 year portrayal as DA-Mayor Doris Wolfe, Doris married Alan Spaulding. Alan gets shot during the wedding reception and Doris rushes to his aid getting blood all over her hands and wedding gown.

The elegant wedding gown shown here that Orlagh/Doris wore in this episode is called the "GraceKelly."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Orlagh!!

Lots of Happy Birthday wishes go out to Orlagh today on her very special day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Orlagh In Empire - Season 3 Filming Begins Today!

Orlagh will be continuing her recurring role as Colleen Lively in Season 3 of the Indie web series Empire. The web soap which is a racy modern day Dynasty about the rich and famous behaving badly will begin filming its new season this weekend. If you haven't already caught a glimpse of this intriguing series it is a must see. You will not want to miss one moment of Orlagh as the saucy spicy Colleen! Stay tuned for more updates!